Turbocharge your campaign. Get funded.

With crowdfunding success rates at 45% or lower, most campaigns can benefit from a strong public relations effort. CrowdBooster gains attention for your crowdfunding campaign, traction with key influencers and backers, and improves the chance of reaching your funding goal.

Twitter Marketing

Our tools enabled you to grow your crowd on Twitter and reach a highly targeted and engaged audience for your crowdfunding campaign.

Press Release

We write a professional press release for your crowdfunding campaign and send to 350+ sites to gain visibility and attention for your campaign.


Backers are essential for the support of your crowdfunding campaign. Our backer directory allows you to position your idea to maximize interest.


Twitter Marketing

$89month (7 Day Free Trial)
  • ✓ Gain Targeted Followers
    Gain 1500-3000 highly targeted Twitter followers per month.
  • ✓ Unlimited Targeting
    Target as many keywords and hashtags as you like.
  • ✓ Drive Traffic
    Drive visitors from Twitter to your campaign page or anywhere you want.
  • ✓ No Long Term Contract
    Cancel Anytime

Press Release

$199one time
  • ✓ Press Release Writing
    Professionally written press release for your crowdfunding campaign.
  • ✓ Distribution Report
    Get a report of your press release media syndication
  • ✓ Syndication
    Press release syndication to 350+ media sites
  • ✓ Twitter Promotion
    Your PR tweeted daily for 7 days to our 100k+ community

Backer Directory

  • ✓ Find Crowdfunding Backers
    World’s largest directory of 2+ million Kickstarter & Indiegogo backers.
  • ✓ Powerful Filters
    Filter backers by platform, category, # of campaigns backed and location.
  • Export Results
    Export of 1500 results per month included; additional exports available.
  • ✓ No Long Term Contract
    Cancel Anytime

Custom Media Lists

$89per list
  • ✓ Custom Media List
    Individually compiled media list tailored to your niche and location.
  • ✓ 250 Media Contacts
    Up to 250 journalists and bloggers per list.
  • ✓ Full Contact Info
    Lists include Outlet name, Name, Role, Email, Phone, City & State.
  • ✓ Get More Lists
    Additional media lists available for $89 per list.

Influencer Marketing

  • ✓ Find Influencers
    Instantly discover influencers in your niche.
  • ✓ Connect
    Connect with influencers on Twitter
  • ✓ Pitch Your Campaign
    Easily bring your campaign to their attention.
  • ✓ No Long Term Contract
    Cancel Anytime

Content Marketing

  • ✓ Find Trending Content
    Discover trending content in your niche.
  • ✓ Powerful Filters
    Filter results by date, language and content type.
  • ✓ Guest Blogging
    Instantly uncover guest blogging opportunities.
  • ✓ No Long Term Contract
    Cancel Anytime


Can I start PR after my campaign has already launched?

Yes! Many of our customers begin  PR after they have launched their campaign.  Campaigns with 10+ days remaining achieve best results. We do not recommend starting with less than 5 days remaining.

Do you guarantee my campaign will get funded?

We guarantee our PR services are delivered as outlined.  While nobody can guarantee that your idea gets funded, CrowdBooster greatly improves your campaign visibility and probability for success.